Control Alt Delete PAC is a super PAC exclusively dedicated to bringing about change through the election of an entirely new Congress. As anyone who has used a computer in the past twenty years knows, when the system freezes up, the only way to fix it is to completely reboot it and clear out all the old problems. The most common way to reboot a frozen computer is “Control + Alt + Delete”.
Congress has a 14.9% approval rating and yet in the 2016 election, Congress had a 97.1% re-election rate. This means that 82.2% of Americans voted to re-elect a member of Congress that they do not believe is doing a good job. The only explanation for this is that people do not feel as though they have any good alternatives.
In 2017, Control Alt Delete PAC was formed with a simple yet profoundly bold mission: Reset Congress through a campaign against every incumbent member forcing new challenges and bringing new ideas and new perspectives into a broken system. The goal is to show voters that by taking a pledge to vote against ALL incumbents, they can clear a pathway for new candidates to have a shot at getting elected and bringing about real change.
One of the major reasons that new candidates often face an uphill battle is the influence of outside money in Congressional races from special interest groups (e.g. labor unions, billionaire activists, industry-related PACs). These groups have a vested interest in keeping their incumbents in office and can use huge amounts of money from around the country to target a handful of individual races. By opposing all incumbents, we have developed a strategy that forces the special interest groups to disburse their funds across every race in the country, vastly diminishing their influence.

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